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  1. OMG!!! Where do you find these Starla?? That was so funny that I was LOL!! I couldn’t get past the noses on them and then the boobs started swinging and then I almost wet my pants!!! Thank you.

    Hey Joy I thought this was really funny too, glad you liked it. As far as where I find videos, when I get in one of those you know …moods. I go surfing around youtube trying to snap myself out of it. Usually ending up finding funny and silly stuff to cheer myself up. ;+) So it’s more just random surfing.

  2. Ha Ha Hilarious, the droopy granny boobs were very realistic. I didn’t expect the final outcome….

    She can real twirl them! LOL It is a surprise ending.

  3. That was awesome! Grannies unite!! Thanks for the laughter. I don’t wear Depends yet but I can see it in my future.
    I never thought that the subject of depends could ever be funny, but I was wrong.LOL

  4. That was hilarious! Thanks for the laugh.

    Thanks it’s good to laugh isn’t it. Glad your back from your road trip. I’d like to go on a trip some time, hit the highway lookin for Adventure.mmmmmm Born to be wild mmmOh sorry about that, seems I broke out in song, that happens sometimes.

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