What watch infomercials, who me?


After spending more time then I care to admit to, watching infomercials on my one good channel. Feeling a little low energy wanting to stare at something besides staring off into space, I turned on the TV.  One after the other mind numbing collection of enthusiastic people pitching me some must have product. I really, really, need that Core Rhythms it doesn’t feel like exercise it feels more like fun. Then came the price 60.00 stretched out  into 3 easy payments.  No I don’t need a set of 6 DVD’s I just need one, that  I will  probably only watch once and that’s from the comfort of my couch.  Next infomercial the shark steam mop, it had me pretty excited till they came to the part with the black light in the bathroom around the commode.   Lighting up the floor, I was so grossed out I wanted to turn off the TV, and go clean the bathroom but the image of the blue floor made me for a moment want for the shark steam vac but again several easy payments. Who wants to add another bill to the pile these days, I’m just wondering.  I’ll be interested to see what these company’s do if the economy keeps ticking away as it has been.  Will they  actually  start to really cut prices? One of the products actually started out by saying if you bought this product some where else you could easily  pay 450.00, really?  My favorite of the day was for a product for maxed out adrenal glands they where giving the product away for free. The pitch line was to say that most Americans 4 out of 5 are incredibly stressed out. You think?  They said that a lot of Americans deal with this stress with caffeine and sugar, I look down at my half a cup of coffee and empty plate that not so long ago had a nice piece of coffee cake on it.  Maybe I’m stressed, but I’m not going to order this free product, I’m just going to get up and get some more coffee.

Whats your favorite infomercial?


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  1. All of the exercise gadgets they are coming up with crack me up!
    Also all the “diet”pillls that will make you lose 100 pounds in 2 days! LOL You know what I mean! I sometimes click onto these channels, and I watch for the entertainment value of them! They are pretty funny! 🙂

  2. I can’t stand infomercials. I really HATE them. I will NOT watch them. The way they act all excited over a product and acting like an excited 5 year old, no thanks. My husband watches them sometimes and some of the stuff he’s been sucked into ordering, really chaps my hide. I think they should be outlawed.

  3. I used to watch them in the middle of the night if I couldn’t sleep before we were internetedly connected because there would be nothing else on. It bugs me that they just go on & on & repeat the info over & over &over & over….
    I was always amazed the every piece of exercise equipment they advertised was always “the only piece of exercise equipment you’ll ever need”

  4. Much like Tony I would watch infomercials late at night when I couldn’t sleep and there was nothing else on TV. Once I saw something I liked but I didn’t buy it. Later on I saw it in Linens-n-things and it was cheaper (though you didn’t get some of the extras the infomercial promised). I also had the comfort of knowing that if it didn’t work I could go right back to the store and return it.

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