Free Chat Thursday!


It’s Free chat Thursday! The week’s just flying by, Sometimes wondering if I’m having fun, or just hanging in there. Remember a long time ago the cat poster. Hang in there Baby! The poor little kitty hanging on by it’s nails. Seems like not much has changed really we are still hanging on, at times. Boy, that was such a long time ago. It’s amazing how time fly’s by shocking really. Makes me wonder about the future will it come and go so fast as in a blink. Feeling nostalgic, I guess always a good idea to Love the ones your with, and be grateful for what ever you do have in life. It so easy to be freaked out about so much these days, some times I don’t know if the world is coming or going or if maybe it’s just standing still. The other day I read an article about Bombing the Moon. How sereal is that, who could even come up with an idea like that? Oh well, I guess I’ll keep my worries to earth at least most of them. Receiving Swirly in the mail warmed my heart and reminded me how nice it is to have people in your life  that care about you,  also how fun it is to do slide shows. Or to be creative in general I notice that being creative helps me keep my feet on the ground. It’s been a tough week for me as far as my stupid sinus condition its still painful for some reason more painful than usual. I’m so ready for it to feel better and not be an issue and I’m weary of trying to figure out why it’s a problem it’s a bit exhausting. I’m always grateful for life’s distractions even worrying about the moon. What’s on your plate this week how are you feeling? Any new goals, new news, a new puppy or kitty how about a good cat fight. I don’t know just wondering.


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  1. This has been a busy couple of weeks. I miss being able to read blogs when I want to. I usually get to comment late after the conversation is pretty much done. But today I’m early. Yaaay!!!

    It’s finally sunken in that we are moving, so now I’m panicking about packing all my stuff. So much STUFF!

    Hope your sinuses clear up soon. As an allergy sufferer myself, I know how draining it can be to have an ongoing bother like that. Feel better soon 🙂

  2. Good luck, Era, re moving. I know I won’t be happy about your chosen destination, but I do wish you a safe an eventful journey.

    Starla. I couldn’t agree more re creativity. When I need a break from crunching numbers, doing something creative serves as the perfect refreshment.

    My end. Hank’s in training all weekend, so I plan to make crazy progress on my screenplay.

  3. Things for me this week have taken a turn and really has made me think of what are we going to do. It’s nothing I can talk about yet but there is major change in my air. Other than that, I wish I could just go bury my head in the sand.

  4. I am just trying to get a grip on my weight and in the long run, my health. I really believe that you need to make lifestyle changes to affect the rest of your life. Joy, whatever is bothering you…you are a strong person, and you will kick some ass! I have no doubt about that! We can only hope for the changes in our life to be good ones, in the long run! 🙂 Gotta go. My son needs me to drive him to school! Later…..

  5. They were talking about that moon-bombing plan on Science Friday not long ago and saying that over the course of millions of years it would alter the state of the solar system, though they couldn’t say how. So in 50 million years if the moon crashes into the Earth or something (again), we know who to blame.

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