Whitetail Deer and fawn.

Whitetail Deer Fawn

Whitetail Deer Fawn

Yesterday as we were driving by peeking into the Forest we saw a Mama and her very small fawn.  It was a little hard to get the photo, I had to zoom in a bit but it sure was neat to see them.  So brand new, the fawn was a little shaky in the legs.


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  1. Very pretty! We used to see them around the edge of the woods when we lived in New York

    This little guy was so tiny I was glad to be able to see them together. Funny a lot of the times you see them in pairs, twins.

  2. OMG!! I love this one. It’s so perfect that it doesn’t even look real. How lucky you were to catch this.

    Super lucky Joy. We were driving and some how Navar spotted them in the forest so we pulled over and I took a few pictures. I was afraid I had to use to zoom and the light was low but I was thrilled to capture the moment of the two of them. I was hoping to see a fawn this year so I could take a picture.

  3. Very beautiful! You’re lucky to find this rare sight and also have a camera/phone with you at the same time! Please share more…

    Thanks! One thing Ive learned lately is to try and always bring a camera! You never know what you might see.;+) I use to only bring a camera once in a blue moon. With so many people having phones these days that’s also a good thing. I have a very small camera I try and take with me most of the time.

  4. Moments like this one captured on film are priceless. Thanks for the smile!

    Hey Doraz! Hope your weekends going well and your having lots of fun with your family.

  5. We don’t have wild deer here in Tasmania but there are a few deer farms around, it’s still hard to buy venison though as most of the farmed meat goes to expensive restaurants or is exported

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