Canoe Video (short and relaxing)


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  1. That was so nice. It was relaxing and I just loved that music. Who/what is that music?
    Hey Joy That is nice music Navar picked it out. I’ll ask him what the title is, I thought it was nice too, soothing.
    Ok here is the music info: A Sailor Woman (Pan Flute Version) artist: Gabriele Ducros off of youtube.

  2. very nice once again! I hate the work of hauling the canoe..we have one somewhere…stored some place …we used to take it out once in awhile but it was such a pain in the ass hauling around. 😦

    It really is a pain. Navar just got a kayak that makes more sense so light just throw it in the car. Only not room for me oh well I can sit here. Looking out the window.;+/. I’m so bored today. I have so much house cleaning to do Navars Mom coming soon. And I just don’t feel like doing it so here I sit. tip tip tip tip………I’m so easily amused.

  3. Starla, add canoe ride to the list you are making for when your mother in law comes for a visit!
    Just beautiful!

    That’s a really good idea Doraz! She would probably love that! We usually go to a really cute peaceful lake, just down the road.

  4. Lovely! I especially liked the music and seeing the tree and water shots.

    Thanks S. Le it’s such a pretty lake fun to canoe on.

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