Easy and wierd snacks.


You ever have a snack attack and you come up with something that you really like?  Hunger is the flame that fires culinary invention.  The other day I was wanting something chocolate and there was nothing in the house except for a small bag of mini chocolate chips.  So I grabbed the bag and thought ,ya know I could melt these in a flour tortilla.  I took a small flour tortilla and sprinkled some of the mini chocolate chips and folded the flour tortilla and smushed it a little bit cook it for just a few seconds on each side.  and voila cut it into little triangles a warm chocolate snack and it didn’t mush out the sides, I was pleased about that. One other quick strange snack Cinnamon gram crackers remember those?  Cut up small pieces of jack cheese and eat with a little cinnamon gram cracker, I thought it tasted a little bit like cheese cake. Good TV snack.What are your snack ideas? Sweet, Sour, Spicy, Salty, Healthy can’t forget healthy.   What is your snack pleasure?

What are your easy strange snack ideas? You must snack, I know you do.


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  1. I am a salt-a-holic. I love potato chips. I don’t think I eat anything strange and never eat sweets. But don’t put your chips down next to me and leave the room.
    What are your favorite chips joy? I like the new chips with vinegar. Actually I guess they have been around awhile.

  2. What is a floor tortilla? LOL, did you mean flour, or am I out of the loop of this new kind of tortilla?

    Speaking of tortillas, though, I get those small, low-carb kind and sometimes I will spread a little bit of peanut butter (natural, no sugar added kind), in a thin layer over it and then wrap the whole thing around a banana. Kinda weird, but it is pretty healthy and yummy!

    I also love to mix splenda and cocoa into plain yogurt. Tastes just like soft-serve ice cream! I mix it into cottage cheese sometimes too and it kind of tastes like chocolate cheesecake.

    Floor tortilla I’m out of the loop. Thank You not once but 3 times. Ugg. I think I’m a little loopy actually. birdpress, I’ll tell you my coffee’s just not kicking in the last few days. I think what I need is a nice green smoothie. Maybe that would kick it up a notch. I like your snack ideas!

  3. coffee with anything chocolate 🙂

    ok and I will eat until I am sick Ranch pretzels…very easy recipe!

    Ranch pretzels, Hhhmm that does sound good. Funny coffee and chocolate. I just had to make a coffee run we ran out. I walked by the cookie section there was a cookie I use to get long ago, called school boys. It’s a cookie covered in chocolate. I hemmed and hawed and for some reason talked myself out of it. But I did capture a bag of coffee. Happily I sit;+).Drinking a nice strong cup.

  4. I liked that tortilla recipe!
    Will try it out!
    I love yogurt with stuff crumbled on top…and whipped cream!
    Crackers….with cheese melted on top.
    Cottage cheese with pineapple.
    Apple slices dipped in peanut butter.
    Hungry now…gotta go eat!

    Crackers with cheese, I nuke the little suckers. MMmm so good! Whip cream MMmmm. Cottage cheese and pineapple I haven’t had that in years! I use to love that, thanks for reminding me about that one.;+) I’m getting hungry too!

  5. I’m sorry but cinnamon graham crackers would be truly disgusting with any sort of cheese on them.

    I’ve never invented a snack, strange or otherwise. The only thing even close is eating cottage cheese on potato crisps but that’s not weird, just delicious.

    My favourite snacks are popcorn, other salty snacks, or cookies/biscuits.

    OK, So I can’t sell you on the cinnamon graham crackers, how about chocolate flour tortilla? That was pretty good. By the way your pie recipe is really, really, good! Frozen deliciousness! Ive had several pieces, so not really needing snacks as of yet, till I run out of Pie.

  6. When I was a kid and desperate for a snack me and my sister would make paste. She still makes it. We would mix peanut butter with marshmallow fluff in a bowl and then eat it. Yummy! I might try the cinnamon graham crackers with cream cheese just to see what it tastes like.

    The tortilla and chocolate thing sounds awesome.

    Hey Joan peanut butter and marshmallow fluff that does sound good. Funny kids can come up with good snacks! For the cinnamon graham crackers I used a jack cheese it kind of off sets the sweet, but cream cheese also sounds good. I love cream cheese.

  7. The weirdest snack I ever had, hmm, well, in college I used to like to put Skittles in the microwave … and now I hear people on the Internets talking about doing that. Hey I did it first!!!

    Ive never heard of skittles in a microwave Brilliant! Warm skittles that does sound good! Nice invention, happy to give you credit!

  8. I usually go for peanut butter & jam or vegemite & cheese sandwiches. I am a bit of a cereal eater in the evening as well. Or chocolate, any amount, any shape, any form it doesn’t matter….

    I’m not sure what vegemite is I’ll have to look that one up veggie something? Stay away from the bran! I hear it cause troubles.;+)

  9. I am pretty boring when it comes to snacking. Give me some taco chips and a good salsa and I am good to go!

    Chips and Salsa sounds like a party to me!;+) Ive been using salsa in scrambled eggs lately kind of spice the eggs up and it’s easy.

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