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Strange week with so many deaths in the news.  The plans of up coming funerals and looking back reflecting on their lives it is a little bit strange with all the TV coverage.  A strange historical time stamp.  I’ll be glad when all of that is in the rear view mirror. Ive been enjoying the Summer weather and I remind myself to enjoy it, as Montana has a short Summer Season. Seems when you just get warmed up and start complaining about how hot it is, the rug is pulled out from underneath and Fall begins it’s curtain of leaves.  So this year, I am bound and determined to savor it.  Looking forward to seeing family soon, not looking forward to the last minute panic to make sure the house is nice and tidy. Oh well such is life. Funny we usually get a lot of family visitors in the Summer and hardly a soul in the Winter. Nobody wants to brave the snow I guess, I think it’s really beautiful with the snow capped mountains blue sky and cold crisp air, but driving the icy roads that’s another story.  So what shaking in your world?  Planing on Family visiting? Or going away on a trip? Any new jokes, fresh ideas or any news reports? How about new inventions? How are you feeling? I sometimes say “I’m partially cloudy with a chance of sunshine.”  That about sums it up for this week. Hope your doing well, and small delights and pleasant surprises visit you in the next few days.


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  1. We also get much more company in the summer. Not to many want to brave getting stranded in the winter and there’s just not as much to do. I plan on taking it easy this weekend. We have two pool parties. One with family and one with friends/neighbors and it should be a really good time. Here’s to a happy 4th to you and Navar.

    Thanks Joy Navars Mom with be arriving on Friday so I’m sure we will all do something fun over the weekend. I wish I was going to a pool party that sounds like a lot of fun. I have yet to go swimming this Summer hopefully I will get the chance soon.

  2. Starla…mountains for me! I am going to have a fun house! I love it! One of my friends is bringing his karaoke machine and songs! I love to sing! Maybe I will take a video and show you all!! 🙂

    That would be really great Doraz! I hope you take video Karaoke sounds like a lot of fun. Hope you have a wonderful weekend with your family and friends. Let me know if you shoot some video I’ll come over to the blog and check it out.

  3. Now that I live on an island I don’t like to leave it. It’s sort of a pain int he A** to take a 45 minute boat ride every time you want to go off island. All my relatives and friends are on the mainland. I have a feeling we will get more visitors once the baby business settles down. I love company and love to cook for them.

  4. I am so sick of hearing about certain dead people on the news…
    It’s supposed to be a fine weekend so I can finally mow the lawn, maybe even find a missing kong in amongst the long grass. It has been raining a fair bit for several weeks & the grass has grown like mad but each weekend has rained as well. It’s a jungle out there….

  5. Shucks. I’m chiming in bit late, but I did want to wish everyone a Happy 4th and see who’s doing what…

    Speaking of new inventions, funny enough, this week I started development on my first iPhone App. What are you inventing Starla (that’s a great question to ask that everyone should ask themselves at least once per week)?

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