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Check out this funny video on getting older on MMH’s Blog.

Madman Hatter has been busy! He made me a Wonderful Video about my Blog  for me.  Thank You so much MMH!!! Check out his Blog it is Adult in content, also lots of humor.   He also made videos for Doraz and JavaJunkee very cool.  I sure appreciate his creativity. I know for myself doing creative projects keeps me sane and helps me balance some of the craziness of the world.  It got me thinking about other peoples Blogs in general and I have a question for the day.  Company’s often have a mission statement for their company, if your blog had a mission statement what would you say your blog’s Mission Statement would  be?   Have you noticed an underlining thyme or maybe recurring patterns in your Blog?    What would you say about your Blog to others when you are describing it?   Just wondering.


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  1. I would say my blog is naff random crap. That’s mostly it’s content.

    Theme? Whatever comes into my increasingly disorganized mind that particular day. It’s a creative outlet of sorts.

    Mission statement? To entertain me and hopefully others as well.

  2. hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm….. Mission Statement for me is to bring a smill to someones face….To describe my blog to someone would be to take a walk on the wild side and step out of the box…………..I would say at first the thing that mattered was to see what kind of numbers I could drive to the site, that is no longer important to me…………..I am an artist in my own way, even the business I own deals with a lot of designing……I enjoy doing things for other people, if it brings them joy for one second then my heart is filled with joy……..sometimes in life it is the small things one does for others that count the most…. Times are hard for many today but if one small thing brings a smile and a gleam of hope to someone for that day…….then the souls of MANKIND have hope….. for all I do is out of love for mankind……..Madman…PURPLEHATTER

  3. I believe that I once summarized Dennis’s Diary of Destruction as “the adventures of a gullible, venal, slightly paranoid globe-trotting archeologist/entrepreneur rescue vizsla dog”, or something to that effect.

  4. I’m not sure how to put it but I wanted conversation and company. I like the simple everyday things we all experience but don’t always think to talk about. One of my highest hitting post was a tongue in cheek post I wrote about toilet paper.

  5. nice vid, i will check out his site. i’ll get back to ya about a “mission statement ” for my blog, that may take some thought.

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