Un expected Tresures.




One of my favorite things is to find unexpected treasures. One thing Ive realized is that often unexpected treasures do not last. I considered the drift wood fort a few months back an un-expected treasure. Out of the blue walking up to a part of the beach that we had been to many times before and bam a cool drift would fort. No note no explanation probably some kids that were camping by the beach built it. It was up for a bit and than the Summer folks my guess tore it down when they arrived getting the camp grounds ready for the Summer tourist. Can’t have a really cool drift wood fort set someone might heavens hurt themselves or oh well glad I got a couple of pictures. And also several months back stopping to take sunset pictures pulling over to a pull out I look down and I found as I was walking up to the rail someone had set up looked like a Calendar and some sea shells and looking to the left I saw some porcelain hands. Basically out in the middle of no where why I have absolute now where. But the next time we stopped it was gone. So I think it was there that I came up with the frace un-expected treasures and realized how cool they are.


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  1. Finding an unexpected treasure is good stuff. Mine usually involve a new flavor of cookie, cupcake or pancake. I still clearly remember the day I “discovered” pumpkin pancakes at IHOP.

  2. I agree with you Starla. The unexpected treasures in life are not always found and not always appreciated when they are found. Thanks for sharing this with us. It is so cool! I will keep a look out for you out here where I am, OK? 🙂

    Sounds good Doraz! It’s funny once I started to keep my eyes on the look out I’ve seen a couple of unexpected treasure, this last one just a few days ago. The Monster at the dump. That would be a good short story.:+)

  3. I think the unexpected finds are the best ones because you aren’t looking for them. I love that. I think you live in the neatest place and you’re so out and about that I’m envious of all your finds.

    Thanks Joy I am glad I can share my findings here with you, that is fun for me. When I’m out and about I like taking pictures and I know I can put it on the blog it’s kind of like sitting and having coffee with you.

  4. Hi Starla. I’ve missed you a lot! I’m trying to catch up with the reading I’ve got….. I think the best unexpected treasure are the ones in nature, that don’t cost a cent- but if you can appreciate that as if it’s a treasure- you’re wayyyy ahead of the game 🙂

    I’ll be back sweetie, thanks for popping in at my place and leaving those kind words… it made my heart happy!

    So glad to see you Java Queen!!! Miss seeing you in Blog Land. :+) I like the unexpected treasures in nature as well. Funny once I start having my mind open to the idea, Ive been noticing more around. Funny how that is. Hope your world is well and stop by any time my Blog is Always open!

  5. hello starla its dennis the vizsla dog hay i like unekspekted trezhurs too like the stinky ded gofer wot i fownd in the yard last week and brawt into the living rum for mama oh yeah gud stuf!!! ok bye

    Eeew Dennis stinky gopher bet you were proud of that! Oh your pour Mama! ;+)

  6. Cool skeleton guy, are the green boxes bee hives?

    I thought he was cool he only lasted a few days. Green boxes are our dumpsters some people call it the exchange. When people dump off good stuff they put it beside the box and people coming to drop off their garbage my scoop it up kind of like dumpster diving without the diving part.

  7. Re pumpkin pancakes : But only in the fall. Sigh. Should be a year round treasure.
    I will look forward to a Ihop pumpkin pancake treat in the Fall!;+)

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