Navar’s race day.


Navar is getting ready to be in a race tomorrow,  we have been busy taking care of the pre race details including carbo loading.  Which I was right along there with him eating lots of pasta chicken and broccoli with cheese bread. Yummy, it just dawned on me  and why was I carbo loading?  Oh well, when in Rome,  maybe I’ll need the extra energy to keep up with them,  driving around taking pictures.  Should be fun he’s excited he’s been working hard biking,  canoeing,  and kayaking which he will be  doing all three tomorrow with a friend of his. I will be taking pictures so hopefully if all goes well, I will post some picture in the next couple of days.  Other than that not much new news.   Navar thought if he committed to a race that it would get him going and motivate him to get in a little exercise. Also with the stress of starting school exerciseing seemed like a good idea. I think it has been helpful and has been giving him more energy.   So my question for the day is how do you motivate yourself in general not  just for exercise but for things in general do you have a secret or a  trick?   Have you ever done a race like running or biking or any kind of race?


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  1. I have never been in a race of any kind. I do motivate myself with health , as my priority. Too many people I know are dying. Bad…and sad! Health issues had a lot to do with their deaths!

  2. Yes Good luck to Navar.
    I tried to race an old man on my bike on my way to work once. He seemed to be easily leaving me behind, despite my hard pedalling I just couldn’t keep up with him. I finally caught up with him at a set of traffic lights. He had one of those bikes with an electric motor. Hey no fair.

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