Race day.


Wow, I’m  tired, yesterday was race day, and I didn’t even do the race!  Waking  up very early, before sunrise having one cup of coffee.  Big mistake, who knew that at the race site  there would be no coffee.  A gathering of people early in the morning and no coffee.  What are you kidding me?  No lait stand? No Pie table? Oh an athletic event, OK do-key let me shift gears.  Usually, events I  go to there’s  coffee at least  available.  No coffee, just  juice, bananas, water bottles everywhere. Water? Who wants water at 7 am?  I want Java and lots of it, next time I’ll bring my own thermos.  Navar and his friends did really well,  no injury’s thankfully and I think they all  had  lots of fun.  The outfits and gear were  pretty crazy looking, lots of ubber  fancy bike outfits and space age bikes with  helmet shaped like duck butts.  Navar had a simple white t shirt and light colored pants no fuss no muss no ubber color matchy matchy outfit. I can understand the outfit thing being a girl,  there are times it’s all about the outfit, so I guess I can kind of understand but it does seem to go a little over board with the sleek race style multi colored bike gear.  Although, I did enjoy seeing the bright colored boats, the  kayaks and canoes sitting on the green grass waiting to slide into the water. I took a few picture, but I was so busy driving from one spot to the next  getting from point A to point B on time trying  to help the guys out. I will try and post some pictures later in the day or tomorrow depending on how the day goes. Funny I can hear Navar getting dressed in the other room groaning and moaning I need Advil lot of Advil!  AWw  poor kid.


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  1. Well, I think you need to get on the committee that handles this event, Starla! Poor planning does not get the people there! Got to have coffee and treats that early in the am! Can not wait to see some photos! 🙂 Good Luck!

    Hey Doraz, funny maybe the athletes didn’t miss the Java. They did have some treats for them, live and learn next year if Navar does this race again I will bring my own coffee!

  2. I’m glad the race went well for Navar and his friends!

    Thanks Era I think they had fun doing the race and training. I think it was good for them, it gave them a reason to exercise and get into shape.

  3. Oooh, any pics? And btw, that pic of your header- did you take that yourself? Is that even REAL! I hope Navar feels better soon 🙂

    Hey JavaQueen, Yes I did take the header picture and yes it is real it is a local picture. It’s a pretty spot in the Spring.:+)

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