Glacier Challenge Pictures


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  1. Good Morning Starla and Navar!
    Great shots! I bet you are both so tired! It is time to rest now! How did it end up? Who won? Any surprises? The challenge of life makes us live! 🙂

    We both are tired. Starla was busy as photographer and support. My muscles are very sore. Much moaning. Our team placed 14th out of 33 teams. Thanks Navar

  2. Beautiful pictures. That was a beautiful day. The sunshine coming up over the lake was gorgeous and all the kayaks are so colorful!

  3. If you have to torture yourself, you might as well do it where there’s great scenery.

    When we first got our mountain bikes, we ran off and participated in “The Black Fly Challenge”, a 40-mile bike ride through the Adirondacks from like Indian Lake down to Inlet. We were running late and so all I had for breakfast was a power bar. Big, big mistake. Still, I think I would’ve made it if the last 10 miles or so hadn’t been through four-inch-deep sand.

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