Live Eagle, Goose and chickens hatching today also hibernating bear cute cub.


Live Eagle web cam
Very cool Owl cam with night vision
Mother Goose waiting for babies to hatch .
Hummimgbird sitting on nest
This ones for Doraz talking bird
Last but not least the Bear cam Hibernating with baby oh such a cute little cub.


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  1. Nature has a way of making me feel like life is worth living and enjoying. Thank you for your work in this great presentation. I hope you are enjoying your world with many smiles. 🙂

  2. Hey Doraz, nice to see your smiling face! Yes nature has a wonderful way of putting the world into perspective. I’m doing pretty well looking forward to the change of Season snow in the yard is melting we are starting to get Spring rains. ;+)

  3. I must be a nature nerd. I woke up this morning, my first thought was I wonder how the Goose is doing and if her eggs have hatched yet. I checked out the eagle cam today and she stood up and I could see one little eaglet under her how cute! The little cub was pretty active yesterday morning also pretty cute makes a lot of noise. Anyway…..

    A note…. I tried to write a post to apologies for disappearing without much explanation and all the reasons why. I am truly sorry about that, it wasn’t very nice. Trying to write a post of why reminded me of trying to write a paper on “What did you do this Summer ” something I’m not very good at. When I put a temporarily closed sign up I really did not know how long temporary was. It turned out longer than I thought it would be and than those pesky delete the blog thoughts but that seemed so, well finial. Any way not sure about blogging on a day to day basis, but I would like to say hi and to go by and to see what everyone has been up to. It may take me a bit to catch up. Just wanted to let you know that I missed you and I hope you are all doing well in what ever life has been throwing at you. Maybe you have a bat and you have been hitting them out of the park. I sure hope so or ducking trying not to get hit I guess Ive been doing a little of both mainly ducking but hey one can dream some day hitting it out of the park. See now I’m rambling oh well…..

  4. Hi Dennis and Family! Nice to see you. Thank you for the owl cam link very cool it’s nice you can view in the evening as well as day. Owls are amazing animals. Great cam thanks.

  5. Hey Tony! Good to see, I see your still wearing your nice bee shirt. ;+) Yes, I guess I’m kinda thinking of doing a little blogging maybe easing into it a bit. Maybe post every few days instead of every day. I do understand now the idea and thought about deleting a blog. LOL I even hit the red button a couple of times but than they want you to read a bunch of stuff and they say are really really sure you want to delete and at the point I chickened out. So I guess, I have a new understanding about that to add to my blogging hat. I look forward to coming by and catching up to see what you and your family have been up to.

  6. I’m so happy to see you that I’m getting giddy. So often times people just leave and you never hear from them again and I’m so glad this wasn’t the case with you. Don’t worry, you don’t have to do it everyday if you don’t want to. Do what YOU WANT to do.

    I have to admit that very selfishly, I’m looking forward to seeing your guy’s photo’s. I love the nature stuff you guys do. I love that everything is now coming so alive in my back yard. I’m waiting for the arrival of my geese to return to lay their eggs. I have a pair that come here every year just to hatch their eggs and it’s so fun to see.

    Man, I’m glad to see you.

  7. Hi Joy, A big heart felt hello to you. Glad your doing well . I look forward to catching up. The idea of blogging when I can is good advise, it’s so easy to get in the routine of blogging daily. I have found blogging to be a lot of fun as well as a learning experience at times. Your banner flowers by the way are beautiful. I’m so ready for Spring. It’s been a long gray Winter here, the flowers will be a wonderful welcomed site. That’s wonderful that you have Geese to watch so much fun. Defiantly something to look forward to.

  8. ;+) Hi The Girl from the Ghetto Thanks for coming over, nice to see your braids and blue dress and of course your sweet face. I hope your world is well. I’ll have to come by and read more at your blogg to see what you have been up to.

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