Blogging in slow motion.


I just checked the Bear cam 10 pm and no Mama bear and no baby bear. A small moment of sadness realizing maybe they flew the coup. Ive only been keeping an eye on them a very short time. They may be out of their den and now living in the real world. Oh well, I hope you had a chance to check out the cam it was pretty cool and super cute little baby bear cub. They may be back, not really sure.

It’s strange for me to be away from blogging for so long and to now thinking OK now what? Looking at a naked white empty post thinking well…..not sure what to post, so I suppose I’ll start with that, it’s a bit like starting from scratch. I remember when I first started to blog I would often type and sing out loud to myself “Blogging to my… self mmmmmm to myself”. I’m thinking maybe to try and post mon. wed. and fri., at least that’s my thought for now, not written in stone of course and am hopeful I have some sort of inspiration. I’ll keep my eye out for photo opportunity’s. Maybe doing a simple art project together just thinking out loud.

April Fools day is coming up Thursday. Do you have any practical joke plans? I did have a dentist appointment Thursday, April fools day, to get a crown on a broken tooth. Holy cow it’s so expensive, no insurance, so I canceled the appointment. I thought it might be funny to still show up at 1, which is when my appointment was, they may or may not find it funny. Do you guys think I should do it? I’m not a really a big fan of going to the dentist even on April Fools day. Do you have any plans? Just wondering.


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  1. Hi Starla…
    It sounds to me like you have pretty much figured out what will work for you, right now. I say..just go with your thoughts, and see what happens. I do try to blog, whenever possible. I work at home, so it is a bit easier..somedays! I will be thinking about what silly things I can do to fool some of my friends and family. 🙂 I say, why not? As long as we do not hurt anyone’s feelings, right? 🙂 I hope you make it a day that is full of many magical moments. I am happy to see that some old time blogging friends are still hanging out here. I have some that have wondered off. I guess life is full of many wonders! Have fun blogging, and all will be well! 🙂 Bye, for now!

  2. Hey Doraz, Life is FULL of many wonders indeed! I was just over looking at the Goose cam waiting for her eggs to hatch, when opened the window she had to little yellow goslings peeking out from under her wing. How cute! I’m so thankful for the “moments” in life the bring smiles and squeals of Joy.

    It’s funny to be back blogging my heart is certainly full seeing everyone. A few people are in hibernation but I know how that is from experience. :+) I Look forward to catching up with you.

  3. Hey!! Didn’t know you were back!! Welcome back to Bloggersville!

    I blog daily and am compelled to do so. Not sure why really ’cause I’ve absolutely nothing to say. In fact I’ve considered micro-blogging; sorta like Twitter or Facebook but not.

    Better get that tooth fixed or you may need it pulled. Been there, done that.

    Thanks! Glad to see you!!! Actually I was think the other day about your blog and how you were good at getting to the point, short and sweet. I wish at times that I could be more that way and no so chatty. I was actually thinking I would like to read longer post on your blog because I enjoy your writing style. You have been working on a book haven’t you maybe I’ll have to check that out if it’s on your blog. (Just think a loud)

    I’m saving $ to fix the tooth;+) I am fond of the tooth and would really like to keep it if I can. It’s on the top of my list!

  4. Are you gonna do the Open Chat Thursdays again? I thought that was unique and fun!

    Thanks! That was fun, I noticed at Joys Blog that they have adopted the idea and will be doing it on Thursdays on their Blog. I’m not sure if they will be starting tomorrow or if they have already started it. I look forward to it, I believe Nikki will be doing the post. I will probably try other ideas, one I’m throwing around in my head is an interactive simple art project/ post. Also thinking maybe about throwing a little blogging party, soon just for fun of it. I’ll keep you posted.

  5. I’m really happy to see you back. More than I can say. We also blog daily but there are 5 of us. One person does most of our jokes. This is funny but Nikki just started a Free Chat Thurs. It’s the best day for her since she has the day off on Wed and can get the post done. Sue is also off work that day and can participate. It’s been a huge hit. I think we’ve done it three times now. I forgot you had that too. Neat. Just do what feels good to you.

    I’m not really a fan of April Fools day. I don’t really like practical jokes. I think they make people feel foolish and I’ve just never been a fan. Of course a laugh is good but I don’t like the ones that make people laugh at other people. It’s hard to explain. I don’t have any jokes lined up.

    I so LOVE the animal web cams you have. I’ll be checking them out.

  6. It’s so funny that you say you’d like longer posts from me. I tend to keep mine short because I feel what I write is pure drivel and nobody wants to hear me twaddle on. I often only skim through people’s posts that are very long because I don’t have a lot of time.

    I’ve not written a word on my novel for months. Sad innit? Perhaps one day…

  7. Welcome back Starla!
    I love April Fool’s Day! I am still trying to come up with a great one for the day! So far I told my kids this morning that they added a week to the school year and they about freaked out!

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