Kuroshino Sea-2nd largest aqaruim by Jon Rawlinson


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  1. Art Major visited there whilst in Japan. It’s a brilliant and beautiful place and it’s HUGE!! So cool.

    I wish I could see this in person, must be great. It really is a huge tank, if a giant shark looks small.;+)

  2. hello starla its dennis the vizsla dog hay thanks for visiting it is nice to see yoo arownd agin!!! now as for dadas buks if yoo like fantasy buks then yoo shud start with dragon stones and if yoo like horror buks then yoo shud start with a flock of crows those ar my persunal fayvrits!!! and of korse if yoo dont mind reeding a pdf yoo can in fakt download dragon stones for free!!! ok bye

    Hey,Good to See you too!!! I just recently learned how to read an e book. You wouldn’t think it would be difficult but I kept hitting the wrong button every time I wanted to turn the page. It was a bit comical I would turn the page instead of the next page it would skip several pages. I would scream than read a bit, turn the page this went on for awhile. ;+) But luckily I figured it out, it’s kind of a nice way to read a book. So I’ll start with that one perfect timing, as I’m almost done reading my first E book, and will check out Dennis other favorite after that. Looking forward to it. Thanks!

  3. That looks awesome!!!

    Hey JAM,It’s Great to See you!!! I Love this video, one of my favorites I like to view it full screen and sit on the couch and relax. It’s a low maintenance aquarium, no cleaning involved I like that. ;+)

  4. Wow. How beautiful. I’d love to go there and see that. I just love watching fish. They move so gracefully.

    I think he did a great job filming this video and a nice choice of music too, very relaxing!

  5. I am amazed on a daily basis! The beauty of this world! I wish we could all just snap our fingers and fly all over the place! Thanks Starla! 🙂

    Boy wouldn’t that be fun I’d be flying all over the place! ;+)

  6. Hi Starla, Glad to see you are bloggin again! Missed your friendly voice in the blogosphere. No pressure from these parts…just write when you feel like it.

    Thank You!!! I appreciate that, I’m trying to learn a little balance to be able to incorporate blogging into life in a balanced way. I’m glad to be back and I am having fun blogging.;+) Thanks for stopping by!

  7. Wow that is huger than the ocean!!!
    Well almost…

    Hey Tony, Thanks for coming by!!! The video title says second largest aquarium in the world of course my mind asked.”well whats the Largest aquarium in the world? so I did what we do these days when we have a question I goggled it. I learned that the largest aquarium is in Dubai and it recently sprang a leek. Yikes some times it’s better to be second.
    Largest Aquarium in the World.

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