Time to go camping!


Ah April Fools day, I’ve been had twice today. Mother in Law is on the phone right now and was saying she was coming up in a couple of days and she’d like to stay with us for a couple of weeks instead of waiting till July. April Foooools, ah what a kidder. I’m still smiling on that one. She got me good, hook line and sinker. I didn’t pull any pranks this year, maybe next year. Did anyone pull an April Fools Joke on you?
Just a reminder, I won’t be blogging weekends. Happy Friday!!!


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  1. No April fools pranks around here. That video is hilarious. Thanks for finding and sharing it. Have a great weekend and a great Easter.

  2. Nope. Nobody played any jokes on me. They know I’m not very gullible. I’ve thought about not blogging on weekends but have simplified what I do instead. I’m gonna give it some thought though. Blogging only 5 days per week would be much more simple! Hmmm…

  3. No pranks here. That vehicle looks a little dangerous! I have to blog on weekends, on account of Saturday Matinee and The Sunday Awards and Meme Show. But I’m on quasi-hiatus while my folks are in town for a couple of weeks …

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