Whats you favorite guilty pleasure TV show?


What show or shows do you look forward to watching on TV these days? One of my favorites lately is a new show called Undercover Boss on Sunday nights 8pm. It’s a show where a CEO of a major company goes undercover as a new employee in their own company. I really like watching the owner of a huge company work as the average worker. I think it’s a great idea, more CEO’s could understand their own company’s better. Tonight’s show is Roto-Rooter company, this should be good out of the mansion and climbing under houses cleaning drains. This should be good. What’s your favorite TV guilty pleasure? Navar likes to watch Chuck on Monday nights 7pm, even the theme song makes him happy. It’s a geek spy show. Last year it was canceled but the geeks rallied and brought it back.


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  1. You have picked shows that I have never watched. Maybe I will have to check them out! 🙂 I like all of the CSI shows. I do not watch much TV these days. We mainly rent movies and watch them at home! 🙂

    I like your movie reviews have you done one lately?

  2. TV I watch:

    House MD
    The Mentalist

    Online I watch Project Runway which is likely the guiltiest pleasure of them all.

    The geeks and Subway Restaurant saved Chuck. Bless ’em!

    I’ll have to check out House MD, hopefully we get the channel. It’s funny we get about 4 channels. It’s amazing how much TV we can watch with just four channels. Last night we watched Chuck, Navar missed the first 10 minutes. Guess he’ll have to pull it up on line later. I kinda watch Chuck out of the corner of my eye, Chuck finally after 2 Seasons gets the girl. It’s interesting how TV times are slowly changing. It makes me wonder what TV will be like in the future say 10 or 20 years fast forward. I know people are starting to pull up more show to watch on the computer. I also notice more commercials on line. I’m having mixed thoughts on this, the computer use to be my place to go that was commercial free, not so much now.

  3. We love Undercover Boss too Starla. It’s so good. I think every employer should see this show. I know it’s made my husband look at his employees differently.

    We also like The Apprentice. Dancing With The Stars. Parenthood it pretty good. Now they are done laying the ground work. Survivor is good this season. I enjoy The Biggest Loser. Have you see the new one, Who Do You Think You Are? That got picked up already for next year and it’s made me start my family tree.

    We did used to watch all the CSI, NCIS type shows but I think we’ve just seen to many of them and there have just been to many cast changes to hold our interest in those shows. We never watch them anymore.

    We have been watching the new show Who Do You Think You Are. It’s so good and It does inspire a person to research the family tree. I know on one side of my family, a family member put together a little book of family tree research. I’m going to have to track it down. So interesting. Glad to hear you have been watching Undercover Boss too, it’s defiantly a feel good show. I also like that the CEO gets a chance to get out of the boardroom. Usually show I like they seem to cancel. I also like watching the Biggest Loser and this season we have been watching Survivor. We don’t get the channel dancing with the stars we sometime pull it up on the computer. I haven’t seen yet this Season.

  4. If I miss a show or can’t get the channel I watch it Online on CAST TV.

    House MD is on FOX and in it’s 5th season (I think). If you’ve not watched previously you may not “get” him. It’s a good ride though.

    Thanks! I’ll have to check out CAST TV. I actually like watching TV on line. I’ll check out house, I don’t mind feeling a little lost.;+)

  5. My favourites are
    The Mentalist
    The Bill

    & I really love Heartbeat which is now on twice a week!!!

    Oh that really made me laugh! Heartbeat I’ll to see if I can find that, it’s funny when you find a show you really love it just makes your week a little happier.

  6. OMG!!!!! I am so glad to see you back! You guys already know mine.. Vampire Diaries every Thursday night and that’s the only one I can honestly say!

    Wow that’s impressive, just one favorite show. I watch too much TV. I have been learning more stuff on the computer so that helps distract me some, trying to learn a little bit about digital art. Really glad to SEE you. I never thought to look in the tree fort. I bet that’s where you were. I was looking through some old emails. I saw the email you sent about buying a motor cycle and joining a very nice motorcycle gang. I like the part don’t worry they are a very friendly bunch. I actually thought huh, well ,that could be fun. Major road trip. Than I scrolled down and realized I had been had. I’m so gullible.

  7. btw though I must say…no phone calls and/or texting is allowed during the show. There is no nonsense…no talking etc! 🙂

    That’s how Navar is when he’s watching Chuck on TV he’s in the zone.

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