Winters almost over How about a Blogging Party!


The beginning of Fall we got a cold snap here. It dipped down to single digits, lasting for about a week. It froze all the leaves to the trees, hence canceling Fall. Some how we skipped right over Fall, one of my favorite Seasons. We went zooming into Winter. As we are now approaching Spring, I notice the dead leaves still on the trees that got confused and never fell . What a strange year indeed. Ive been thinking….seeing the harsh Winter all over the place, I bet I’m not the only one who is chomping at the bit for Spring. Two words, “Blogging Party!” Yes! A Spring Celebration. What are your thoughts on Spring? What do you Love about Spring? Is it the gentle warming sun, the hope of fun outside, the cool sweet breezes, the melting snow? Thank God for Spring. Seeing the neighbors crawling out of their hobbit hole houses. Looking forward to the droning noise of lawn mowers. No more endless gray skies, day after day, at least for us this year. So….this can only mean one thing… a Celebration, a hoe down, a Spring Party. Whats a good day for you? Some time soon. Just pop in, do a little jig, sing a song at the karaoke bar, I’ll put the words up just follow the bouncing ball, who cares if you can’t sing. Eat some deviled eggs. Bring your favorite party dance song, and yes I want to dance! Starting with “The Holy cow I can’t believe it’s finally Spring Dance.” And maybe if you think of it a couple of your favorite quotes just because, or not, I don’t care, just come on over and blog awhile and Lets Get this Party Started. Woo Hoo! I’m feeling festive already. Maybe next week? Everyone’s Invited and their Pets too. (funny as I’m writing this post I look outside and it’s snowing.Ugggg.)


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  1. I’m IN!! Most definately! I’ll bring some crisps and some Smirnoff Ice! Mmmm…

    When are we doing this? I’ll put on my creative writing thinking cap if I can suss where I’ve put it!

    Yeah!!! I’ll let you know what day. Some time next week, I need to put together a little party post Ive got a couple of ideas. Snacks and drinks I’m already smiling.

  2. Starla….Spring is a time to appreciate! I love your idea about celebrating Spring. I love to look around and see all of the changes in people. They seem to be smiling more! 🙂

    Thanks Doraz I’ll let you know when our blogging party is, hope you can come by. I’ll have deviled eggs, I always think of deviled eggs as a party favorite. Blogging party’s are easier than regular party’s because you don’t have to clean the house first and the after party the clean up is a snap.

  3. I’m in. Let me know when. I LOVE spring. I agree with you. We had leaves on our tree’s too before fall was officially over and winter hit. I missed fall a lot. I can’t wait for the smells of spring. It almost rained yesterday and it smelled so good outside. I also love seeing the little buds coming out of the ground.

    I’m kind of thinking next Wednesday I guess that’s the 14. I may go on a short road trip, not sure. One of my cats requires extra attention he recently was diagnosed with kidney dysfunction. It’s difficult I haven’t been out of town in so long but I don’t know if I can leave my animals. I need a camper so I can take them all with me.;+)

    Friday April 16th. I think Fridays a good day. Wednesday too close.

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