I feel funny!

Alex feeling a little loopy.

I just learned today it is start walking now day. Huh, that cuts into my sitting on the couch and watching TV day and being on the computer day. I am trying to walk our dog Makwa more she has gained some weight from taking prednisolone because of her Addison disease. She’s actually feeling a lot better and I am so grateful for this, one of our cats has recently been diagnosed with Kidney dysfunction it has been incredibly stressful for all of us. We found out because he needed to get a tooth pulled. They ran a CBC to make sure his Kidney and Liver were OK for surgery. The results came back from his blood test not so good. Took a picture of his kidneys turns out he has one very small kidney. He was able to get his tooth pulled without incident. When we brought him home after the tooth pull he was feeling a little bit loopy his tongue was sticking out a little bit and his eyes were a bit glossy. Poor kid, so now we have to give him an IV(Subcutaneous fluids) every other day we may bump it up to daily which involves sticking a giant needle in the back of his neck and giving him fluid’s. I had no idea people did this to their cats, ever? We are slowly learning, he is 10 and of course an amazing cat. I think I’ll go walk the dog now.


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  1. I don’t like anything that cuts into my computer time. That must be why I never exercise then!

    Hope the cat does better now.

    Thanks! When we took him back to the Vet to look at the tooth he hissed at the Vet. Ive never seen him hiss at anyone before. She said nobody likes the dentist. I thought yeah, that’s true some times I’d like to hiss at my Dentist. Actually he’s a pretty nice guy not deserving of me hissing at him.

  2. Starla….I would love to be a pet at your house. You are so loving and so dedicated. 🙂 Thank you for that! I think that walking is great. I try to do it every day I can. 🙂
    Thanks Doraz! Our pets do make our house a home. ;+) I wish they didn’t have the health problems but it what it is. I agree walking is a great thing easy too.

  3. I’m so sorry for the poor little kitty. I hope it will all be okay. It’s nice to get the dog out for a walk too. I need to do that more often. We BOTH need the walk.
    A couple of weeks ago I heard some where If your dog is over weight it means your not getting enough exercise. Funny after I heard that Ive been taking her out more, it’s good for both of us and a little fresh air can’t hurt.

  4. Thanks Everyone I appreciate it! We are adjusting to the situation as Alex will be needing an IV every day or every other day for the rest of his life. I was going to post a picture of the giant needle that we have to use to stick in the back of his neck but I know some people are not big fan of needles, I’m not.

  5. Walking??? I only do it when Dixie makes me. Your poor pets are having a rough time of it. Hope things improve for them soon.

    Thank You Tony. I’m glad Dixie get you out and about for Walkies.

  6. Your cat is so lovely!
    Thanks S.Le you wouldn’t believe how many pictures Ive taken of my kitties glad I have a digital camera and not film.

  7. We give Trouble fluids three times a week too. We even took a video of it — you can see it here. The first time was the hardest but there’s still a huge squeam factor — or so my wife tells me. I don’t touch the needle myself!

    Aaawww Trouble, Alex knows just how you feel no fun Huh. Great video. I’m surprised at how many kitty’s have to have this done. It sure helps them feel better, so that’s a good thing.

  8. Oh, I know all about Addison’s disease in humans, I’m so sorry to hear your dog has it. And, your poor kitty (who is fabulous, by the way!) has a kidney problem? Those animals are lucky to have you take care of them.

    Thank You, We sure love them to pieces. It’s interesting that humans and dogs can have Addison disease. At times it’s been a little stressful. Alex has a kidney dysfunction that’s what the Vet said we give him Azodyl twice a day. Hopeful we will get settled out and into a comfortable routine. We are starting to feel a little bit more comfortable giving the IV at first doing it was nerve racking my hands would get sweaty.

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