I’m thinking April 16 Friday for Spring Celebration Blogging Party. Everyones Invited invited including the lurkers. ;+)


="“> (videos a little long but dance steps are always a good thing.)


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  1. That was a good bit of fun, innit?

    Give me a head’s up when the party is. I’ll need to write something festive and wear a hat.

    YIPEE!!! ;+)

  2. These guys I would love at my parties! What fun they have. I love the smiles! 🙂 Party sounds like a winner. Just let me know what I need to do! Ugh! 🙂

    Hey Doraz, Thanks I’m keeping it pretty simple. I’ll let you know details. If you feel like it bring a favorite quote and a video song that you like, something that you like to listen to these days. The rest is pretty simple just show up.;+) You might bring a sleeping bag and your jammies looks like it could be an overnighter.;+) Friday April 16th anytime.

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