Living in a snow globe.


The idea of Spring seems a bit far away as it’s been snowing and grauple in the yard, our weather mans favorite word. Living in a snow globe is fun in the Winter but enough’s enough. I’m glad I have something fun and silly to look forward to. I’m excited about a little blogging shin dig. Everyone’s invited, bring anything you like. Ive been collecting a few good quotes and favorite videos and practicing my dance moves. I wish I could really dance well. Navar is a wonderful dancer a bit of natural grove. Me? I dance a bit like Elaine from the Jerry Seinfeld show. From the episode with Elaine at the office party kicking her foot out. Oh well. Hope you all have a good week end, I’ll see ya on the flip side Monday Mornin.

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  1. a blogging party? what the heck? ..but where and how?…i’m curious. 🙂

    wouldn’t ya know it, there’s a big party going down and i just missed getting directions on how to get there. D’oh! oh well maybe next time! (there will be a next time right?)

    Hey Lynn nice to see you! It’s not to late. I had a Blogging Party before, about a year ago. I thought it was a fun idea and had no idea what I was doing but just jumped in anyway. A bit like now throwing a party and winging it with faith. April 13 or 16 maybe the 16 Friday that will give me a little more time to clean my blogging house. And look for cool stuff for the party. Please come by anytime on Friday, maybe you could bring your roller-coaster. That was so much fun the other day!!! I actually thought it would be fun to get together some where in real time but with $ it’s hard for people to travel to one place, although there was a time the Greatful Dead did well and people showed up money or no money. Wouldn’t that be fun a wordpress Camping Trip. Bring your camper and laptop. Ok I’m getting off track you can see my mind wonders easy. This is the post where my fingers had the idea

  2. Love that cartoon! Fantastic!

    Looking forward to the party! Hope we can get some others involved.

    Can I email you my contribution?

    Yes just email me . I hope I can figure out how to get others involved. I’ll have to think about that today.

  3. Starla….
    Is there a list of instructions you can do up? If I can figure it out, I will be happy to pass the word to the community at my blog. 🙂 Make it easy for me now! lol 🙂

    Yes Hey Doraz I can defiantly do that THANKS! I will do my best to keep it short and simple. I will work on that today.;+)

  4. I just sent you my stuff. Looking forward to the party.

    I never knew what that grauple was called. How funny is that? Living in MN I know that feeling when it stings when it hits your face. We didn’t have much of a spring last year. Or fall either for that matter so I’m really enjoying our nice spring this year. I’m sorry you’re not.

    Let me know if you want me to advertise the blog party on our blog.
    Sure, that would be great. You could put up a little note party is April 16th on a Friday. The more the merrier. I was just looking at my blog roll and realized a lot of my friends aren’t blogging right now. Maybe I need to wander around a little bit. Our poor weather guy was called out because he loves to say the word grauple. grauple grauple grauple. The sun just peeked out here the yard is covered with snow. When we get a full blue sky day here again it will be like Heaven.

    Thank you Joy Perfect! Nice jemmies!!! Looks like I better get the house ready for a Slumber Party slumber party that’s fine with me ;+) Fun stuff I’m already have fun. Twister I don’t remember the last time I played that.

  5. I’ve sent mine as well. Let me know if it isn’t want you had in mind or if it didn’t translate well.

    I’m sure it will be great! Thank You so much. I’ll go check it out. I’m kind making it up a bit as I go so there really aren’t any hard and fast rules. Just want to Party and dance around the house in my PJ and chat with my friends. Maybe share some things. That’s what happens when you live in Montana and have cabin fever, it’s been a really long Winter. Some people with lots of dough go on vacation to a sunny spot. But I Blog.

    I just checked the email out sent. That is so perfect Thank You! I got a bit chocked up it was so sweet. Great hat, fun stuff. ;+) just sitting here smiling, that’s a good thing.

  6. We’re heading into winter so it’s something to look forward to after a long hot summer.

    Oh good! That’s right your Hot Summer is winding down and now it’s your turn for the Winter Season. Isn’t that amazing weather so different. Hope to see ya Friday!

  7. Wow! I actually know what grauple is because it was mentioned in a newspaper article here a few months ago and I was like, “Grauple? What the heck is that?” Funny to see that word again!

    LOL Grauple grauple gota love grauple funny that you just recently saw the word in your local paper.

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