Elk in Blizzard

deer and elk in blizzard

Elk in Spring Blizzard

Navar took this photo of two cow elk and two deer on 4-9-10, during a blizzard. It was near Condon, Montana. Not far from the Bob Marshal Wilderness.


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  1. How does one get a wilderness named for them?

    Feeling sorry for you in the snow. We’ve been having lovely weather.

    I’m glad someones having some good weather! I guess when Spring does eventually come it will be warmly welcomed. I can’t wait it’s snowed all day again today I’m yearning for Blue sky. I need to look into the why a person gets named after a wilderness. Looks like Tony would to be named the next available wilderness.

  2. Oh I love it. This is great. Keep the snow to yourself.

    Sure you don’t a little flurry? Actually nice that you have been having warm weather how nice.

  3. You are quite good with the camera Starla. 🙂 Thank you for the magical photo! 🙂

    Hey Doraz, This one Navar took I take most of the photos but every once in a while I can talk him into posting something. He is a really wonderful Photographer.

  4. They are beautiful creatures, cold creatures too. I would like to have a place named “Tony McGurk Wilderness”, can you arrange that? Maybe put a few Elk in there like Bob has too

    I’ll look into that Tony ;+) wouldn’t that be great. “The Tony Mcgurk Wilderness”. I should look up why They named Bob Marshall wilderness the Bob Marshall time to get my google on.

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