Favorite things.


I have recently become aware of my resistance to change and the slow transfer factor. Am I alone in this? Example. Needing a new pillow, walking around Costco I see a big pile of pillows at a good price so a grab 2 filled with goose down. Giving it a good squeeze, fell instantly in love. The second night of not sleeping well I tip toed in middle of the night to rescue my old pillow. I happily tucked it under my head for a good night sleep. I have to go back to the new one I keep telling myself tomorrow I will try it again. Saturday I received an unexpected gift, a notebook lap top computer, long story short, it was sent from Navars family to me basically because everyone in the family already had a lap top and I didn’t. I have what I call the big boy computer at home that my brother built for me Zoom Zoom. Trying to blog last night on my new computer Windows 7, shinny new black cover wireless mouse, lots of ram, lots of space on the hard drive and guess what I am typing on now? Zoom zoom. Am I the only one that is a little slow to change even if it is a good thing? I’m having trouble jumping into the future and letting go of the comfort of the past. Hmm that could be an Oprah Aha moment. hmmm.


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  1. You stick to what works for you. I always give “new” stuff a try. The three strike rule for me works. Then, I am happy with the original! 🙂 Be happy and comfortable. 🙂

  2. No I am slow to change too. I was the last person in the world to get a mobile phone, the last person to get an ipod, the last person to try Dr. Peppers instead of Coke…
    How do you find Windows 7? I have Vista & am thinking of upgrading

  3. Wow, was that ever nice that Navar’s family gave you a laptop. That’s super nice.

    I’m very reluctant to change and sometimes I won’t unless I have to. I read somewhere once that one should get a new pillow every two years and I couldn’t believe it. I love my old pillows. I do hang them outside every month or so and let them air out. I guess they are 5 years old. I hate getting a new pillow. One little suggestion for you. Maybe try your new pillow for napping on the couch or something first. Try breaking it in that way. The laptop….you’re going to LOVE it once you get used to it. It’s really fun to carry them around with you if you feel like working on something but don’t feel like sitting at a desk. I don’t move mine around much. I broke one being to careless but I do relax in my chair every now and then and work on blog stuff. Have fun. I’m very happy for you.

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