Flowers in Growth (time laps) A reminder bloggers party is Friday April 16th anytime.


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  1. this was cool, especially the mushroom at 2:20!!

    I thought it was cool too and the mushroom was a fun surprise, glad you liked it. It snowed all day here it was strange watching the flowers open slow mo and the snow coming down in huge flakes.

  2. I’m putting it on my blog for tomorrow. About the party I mean.
    Wonderful Thank You! For Friday April 16th anytime dancing at 7 pm ;+) I hurt my back a few days ago so Ive been so slow Navar’s been calling me Grandma. Little by slow looks like I’m getting better pretty frustrating. Luckily Ive been putting stuff away for the party so it’s piecing it together at this point. ;-/

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