What’s your favorite comercial?


Just one more reminder about the blogging Spring Celebration on Friday April 16, the day after tax day. There’s a reason right there to have a party, getting your taxes done or at least getting the extension filed.;+)

I’m actually not a huge fan of commercials but occasionally I find myself amused. Do you have a favorite commercial? What is it? How do you feel about commercials on the computer? I’m noticing more and more of them. I actually enjoyed the days when it was a commercial free zone. On the Today show, I overheard that Twitter is planning to allow commercials on their site. I guess Twitter has not been making any money so their thinking of getting sponsors for profit.


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  1. Hahaa…that was funny! I have heard of this one. And Lindsey Lohan was mad because they portrayed her in it! I don’t know what my favorite one is, I’ll have to think about it!

    Hi Nikki ;+) I forgot about Lindsey Lohan being upset about the commercial. That’s silly. When I see this commercial I never thought of her but after she pointed that out I may a time or two.

  2. I can’t get enough of the Sony TV commercial with George Takei saying, “Oh my!”

    I had to look that one up. Ive never seen that comercial before that’s a good one ;+). George Takei.
    I just recognized who that is from star trek.

  3. This one here is pretty funny to me. I do not have any favorites. I do like the ones that have dancing in them more. 🙂

    The dancing babies? I like those too.

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