Beautiful tidal Maps. Yes I know thats odd.


I know this may seem strange, but as I was wondering the Web, and I found an interesting page. I found myself ooooing and ahhing. At the very bottom of the page there are beach cams, click on the beach you want to see. When I was looking at the page late at night the sun was setting in Monterey Ca. I could see a beach that I use to walk on. Strange blast from the past, but the cool part were the maps of tides bright colored things. Mid way down the page looks like a satellite of the Planet. I could see the lights on our planet, last night and the shadow of the moon changes. Could that be for real? Here’s the link Do you consider yourself a map person? Do you like or dislike Maps? I guess I can say Ive grown to like maps as I have a world Map as a shower curtain. I should take a picture of that sometime. What is on your shower curtain or curtains? Flowers, White or solid colors Sponge Bob, just wondering.

I like this page of Maps too.Click Here.


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  1. The wave breaking at the top of the page is awesome. I don’t know if I would call myself a map person but I love using Google earth to look at places around our planet. Although I do tend to be a map person if I am out driving because my level of sense of direction is zilch.

  2. We jabe glass doors. 🙂
    I have the kids always looking at maps and calling me over.
    They love to look at where people live.
    Too weird for me.
    You can actually see a persons house!

  3. I love using maps and am good at reading them.

    My shower curtain is blocks of various shades of green.

    You should have a shower curtain day.

  4. What a great site. I loved it. Tony’s right, that wave is awesome looking.

    I guess I’m a map person. If I’m traveling though, you don’t want me trying to find the way on a map. I can’t read them that well but I love to look at them and see where places are. I just suck at reading them when I have to. LOL!!

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