Please tell me a Spring Story.


Could someone please tell Winter to go to Tasmania and visit Tony. where they are gearing up for Winter. We are ready for all the magnificence that Spring has to offer, waiting for Spring reminds me of other areas of my life and the frustrations of wanting something and not being able to force it or pray it to happen but to patiently hope and wait…. Please tell me a Spring story about how the grass is greening where you live and what color the flowers are in your Garden what does it look like? These are the colors I see outside my window Christmas white and gray. Oh well, such is life. Snow web cam.


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  1. I’m not sure where you are, Starla, but I’m happy to share some of Iowa with you…

    Plowing started in earnest this week. From my room at night, you can hear the local farmers working into the wee hours of the morning, getting the fields ready to go. We had a lot of rain in the last couple of weeks, and that followed a really snowy winter, so everything – and I mean EVERYTHING – is green. My pastures are smiling at me, and the horses are ridiculously happy, running around, rolling, and just flopping down in the middle of the pasture, catlike, sleeping in the sun.

    Last fall, I transplanted a bunch of tulip bulbs that I’d rescued from our garden. I put them under an oak tree near the pasture, and they’re up, although not blooming yet. My neighbor, however, has daffodils and tulips like crazy at her place.

    I haven’t started our garden yet, I’m still frost-shy because it can still hit, but we’re planning it. Soon, we’ll have tomatoes, peppers, onions, cucumber, plenty of spinach, and, of course, pumpkins growing out there.

    And my back pasture is full of spring lambs, chasing one another around, and baaahing to one another and us. My son loves to go play in the fields with them. They’re just his size.

    Oh Laura, That was so Wonderful! Thank You. ;+) Reading that made my heart sing, I got a little teary eyed. I am living in Montana.

  2. grass is green. supposed to be 80 something here today (also Iowa)…
    haven’t started planting the flowers yet but soon I hope! I LOVE it!

    Aaawww so nice to see your snarky face. Aawww. I’m glad to SEE you, this really made smile. Nice that it’s so warm there 80 degrees Wow. I’m looking forward to planting a few flowers. I planted one orange rose last year it smelled so good. I hope this Winter didn’t kill it. My one rose, rose garden.

  3. Good to not live in Montana just now! Here in Ohio we have everything in bloom! Just ask my allergies.

    When stuff start to bloom here the pollen cover the cars. Well I guess that’s a bright note Thank You no allergies snow not looking so bad when I think about allergy season.

  4. When Spring is in the air
    The animals around the neighborhood are aware
    The flowers all look so bright and new
    The sky is such a pretty blue

    Spring is a time that we all see
    The magic and beauty in our city

    Have fun today Starla.

    Thank You Doraz ;+) Hope you have fun today too. Don’t forget to dance! I’ll bet the city is beautiful in the Spring time with Blue sky and pretty flower in their glory. Wonderful poem.

  5. Starla….I just posted something about your party. Please cjeck it to be sure it is ok. Thanks. When people come over….will they have a reference? 🙂

    It’s Perfect Doraz Thank You!!! Ive been dancing and working on the party. So I guess I’m already having some fun and that’s a good thing. I better get back to work on party planning posts. I’m glad I don’t have to Spring clean the house, at least right now.;+)

  6. well, i’m on the beach so it’s warm here. the wind is blowing and whistling through the leaves of palm trees. the sun is shining brightly but not too brightly. i hear the sounds of seagulls in the blue skys above and the laughter of children playing on the beach. it smells like spring here, yes it does. hopefully it will get there soon. ♥

    Thank You Lynn. That was so Wonderful. I’m going to have to read it again. Savoring the words it’s just what I needed. I think I may have a bad case of cabin Fever. You live in such a beautiful area. I would do a heart button but I don’t know how.;+)

  7. was a little wet and cool here today…but we get that in spring too…in the 70s tomorrow and sunny so i will box some up for you. so i hear there is going to be a party on friday?

    YES, Friday anytime please come on by and if you could bring some of that nice 70’s weather! Hope to see you. .;+)

  8. It is still nice here in Tasmania at the moment although the nights are starting to get colder, we have had our fire going for the last few evenings. I don’t mind winter, it beats being too hot
    Actually I really do like Winter, I like the cool weather and the snow. I like not mowing the lawn and all the things Winter brings. Looking forward to Spring, I like the changing Seasons.

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