Blog Party Chat!



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  1. Good Morning. Everyone up and attem for the big bash?
    Morning Joy ;+) I think I’m going to go back to bed for an hour ;+) and rest up. I have one more post to do later with camp fire and more dance videos.

  2. uhhh where is the coffee??? I’ll be in party mode here in just a few hours. Where do I send my contributions?

    I do have coffee lots of coffee!!! Contributions cool, you can email me at I’m working on another post with a little music and of course coffee gotta have Java ;+) and bonfire and a really cool music video at least I think it’s cool. I could some help in the music area. I wish I had my drum kit those were the days. That’s a long story. lol

  3. Starla….
    As usual, you have done a great job getting all of us together. I see a few people here I have not seen for a while. It is good to see them having fun. Thank you for getting us all together at your beautiful home! 🙂

    Thanks Doraz! My pleasure, you know taking a blogging break for several months, from time to time I thought of all my blogging buddies. So I am so glad to be able to throw a party so that we can get together have fun dance eat and be crazy. I’ll have a bonfire later so we can roast marshmallow’s. I hope it’s not too cold, also a short animated film we can watch inside later. Glad you have your Jammie’s cute!

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