Iceland Volcano .


A Volcano on Iceland had been dormant for 200 years before a recent eruption. This video is from March 31, 2010. Today the news was talking about a huge plume of Ash in the air causing the cancellation of some flights.


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  1. Glad I’m not trying to fly out of or around Europe!

    That’s quite the plume of smoke. I’m glad I’m not flying either, although a trip to Europe some time sounds good! One can dream.

  2. They are really something else aren’t they?

    They are amazing that and earthquakes. It’s hard to imagine we have much stuff going on around the planet.

  3. Amazing video, the power of mother nature always to be respected.
    I do appreciate your visits and support over at my site. I thank you.

    Hi Bill Thanks for coming by. I am glad you liked the video. I appreciate your blog.;+)

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