Barn Dance


If You need to use the porta potties or showers they are available here. Dancing will begin soon so get ready to cut a rug to bust a move to get your grove on …. Movies will be posted in awhile, please make sure you bring your jammies in case you want to sleep over. There will be karokee and a bonfire and what ever you can think of so here’s a little barn dancing to warm you up. Don’t forget to push away from computer and show your moves.

Outhouse, come on in!


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  1. Starla
    I have me my jammies and I have me my smile.
    Let’s party!

    I need to find some dance music, something upbeat. I’m practicing my dance moves as we speak. I should post the video I found, the dance moves the lawn mower( not Navar’s favorite move.) Oh well and the sprinkler…

    Jammies and Smile sound like a Slumber Party!!! ;+)

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