Dennis the Vizsla and crew are here! Yippie!


Dennis the Vizsla


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  1. They brought a deceased cat along?!? Ewww!

    Aaww, Navar put this picture together not knowing. He said Sorry he didn’t know. Montana is a great place to be, green rolling hills pretty snow capped mountains. Maybe Heavens like Montana, good fishing,lots of wild life, except for of course a huge buffet. With a nice dessert table. I don’t know.

  2. hello starla its dennis the vizsla dog hay its okay it is nice to see my sister pooh bear agin espeshly sinse i didnt hav mutch time to git to no her and i think yoo ar rite i bet heaven is a lot like montana!!! ok bye

    Aaaww Thank You Dennis. I know how all our animals are so dear to our heart always. I’m so glad that you have your blog and that you share your family with us. It is so much fun to see the Adventure’s of Dennis and crew.;+)

  3. Sorry. Just had to give you a hard time. I get carried away sometimes. ~Bless~

    Oh That’s Ok it was fine to point out. It worked out.:+)

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