Short movie popcorn and soda anyone? Kick off your shoes and stay awhile.(via Radblog)


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Be sure to watch in HD.


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  1. LOL Starla.

    Isn’t that a cute movie Joy? Glad you could hang out, nice jammies. I haven’t had a slumber party in years. So long I can’t even remember when. That is a long time.

  2. I love these as well. Thanks!

    Glad you enjoyed the film.;+) I’m ready to watch another short animation. Huh, I’ll have to snoop around the net. Maybe we should have a movie night or something.

  3. Sorry I feel asleep on you! I got a chance to warch this today! What a great job they did on the animation! 🙂 Thanks Starla! Have fun today! 🙂

    Thanks Doraz hope your Week end is a Fun one. Glad you liked the film.;+)

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