Thank You Bloggers for coming over to our Blog Party!


The sun came out Friday making it a Beautiful Spring day. The kind of weather you dream about all Winter. I would like to Thank All my blogging friends old and new for showing up, and for participation. You guys truly are the best! Funny going from blogging in slow motion to blogging in the fast lane, now back to slow mo. Some of the pictures of the party were taken when we helped family move a couple weekends back. Little do they know, they had a rock-in blog party in their back yard. ;+) Please help me keep the secret. Thanks for leaving the place nice and tidy before you left. Funny, next time I go over to their place, I’ll look at the little cabins and that amazing view and smile and think about the fun we had one fine Spring Day. Thanks Again for making the party so much fun!
I like the idea of making my blog a little more interactive. Putting together the party was fun. Thanks Again for coming by. So…..Who’s throwing the next blog party?


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  1. It was great fun but I ate too much. You are a great cook!

    I nominate Doraz for the next party. I could do with some good Italian food! Plus, she would throw a wild party I’m sure!

  2. I agree S.L.e I bet Doraz would throw a great party. With yummy Italian food. I always thought it would be fun if Doraz did a cooking show. Like something on skype where she’s in her kitchen whipping up a yummy dish. I remember watching some of her videos way back. Watching them was lots of fun. One of them she was teach Italian language.;+)

  3. Starla…you are tooo funny. 🙂 I do want to do more videos. I am waiting for both of my kids to go to UCLA, and leave me in peace. Then…look out! Right now…NO CAM DO. I am sooo over extended! 🙂 Maybe later. I do know how to throw a P A R T Y ! 🙂

    That’s funny NO CAM DO.;+) I sure understand over extended, I know how that goes. Well when you do fire up that cam let know I think your funny and great on camera. I would love to come to your party. whooo hooooo. Partayyyyyyy

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