Awards. Thank You so much!!!


Look I am so lucky to have friends like you. Old friends and now some new friends. S.L.e a welcome back Award. At the blogging party the other day It was so nice Doraz brought a couple of her friends over, I was able to meet William and Brian and Ji. How nice, I went to their blogs to check em out because that’s what we do as blogger check out each others blogs. ;+) William also has a second blog which I was so graciously promoted what a cool idea. While I was over at Ji at Jingle blog I played a math game I didn’t get the right answer but I could recognize the right answer it was nice she gave awards out to everyone who played the game. They are very pretty. Any of these Awards you see if you would like to have them for your Blog please help yourself. And Gary too bad your so busy camping and fishing.(If your missing Gary you can catch his tweets on his blog.) Last but not least Dennis gave me a wonderful Words of Wisdom Award. Very cool Owl Award! We have been keeping our eyes on the Owl cam watching these little guys grow up. How fun. I am grateful for all my blogging friends and I am glad to meet a few new people in the blogging world as I expand my horizons just a little bit as some of my blogging friends have been taking breaks.


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  1. Good job on the award Starla. Have I told you again how happy I am that you’re back?

    Thanks Joy they are pretty aren’t they? Yes you have did, you gave me a very warm welcome back it made me wonder why the heck did I ever left. ;+) But as Ive learned Blogging breaks are OK I feel refreshed and ready to play!

  2. Congratulations on all the awards! See how much we missed you? 😀

    It’s really nice to have been missed. I of course missed you guys, it’s funny taking a blogging break. When I wasn’t blogging none of my 3 dimensional friends were giving me Awards or popping over to blog. I would see cool things like one day driving across a bridge by our house Navar pointed a mother deer and her two fawns standing in the river drinking water with the mountains in the back ground. I wanted to show my blogging friends but of course I did not have a camera with me. ;+)

  3. One thing I may have not said out loud was in taking a long blogging break, absents does make the heart grow fonder. One thing I realized is how talented a lot of you are and how appreciative I am of your creativity and your abilities for writing and the work that all of you put into your blogs.

  4. Starla….so glad you are making new friends. The group of friendly bloggers is the group that stays together. At lot has changed since I have first started blogging, but …it is a change that I love! Soooo glad to have you back. 🙂

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