Guilty Pleasures State Farm Comercial. Are you a car singer?


Do you sing in the car? I really like this commercial. I appreciate his complete and utter abandon to the act of car singing. After a full week of Spring weather today I’m sitting white-legged in my shorts ready for Summer. Bring it on . I’m so excited, I want to go hiking and camping eating outside BBQ What else? What do you like to do in the Summer? Swimming? Crockett? Fishing? I drove to town today on the way back I had the windows down the music playing loud and I had that I feel so good Summer feeling. Singing to songs I wouldn’t dare to sing in Winter. Winter is just a whole different experience here in Montana. You may hardly see your neighbors for months. Maybe not quiet that extreme but it’s easy to get lost in indoor activity’s to say the least. As I was cruising down the highway this commercial came to my mind. Tomorrow the weatherman says we are in for rain but that’s OK because I’ve had a little taste of Spring.


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  1. I just love being silly and crazy in the car! I love driving around town in my Miata. Sooo fun! I am happy you are singing and dancing in Montana. Sgow them all how it is done now! lol 🙂

    Hey Doraz I think I’m still in party mode. :+) Cali you get nice weather all the time have a Miata to drive around would be perfect. I miss the beach I don’t think Ive seen a beach for I think about 17 years. That’s a long time.

  2. I love singing in the car and at this stage of my life, I could care less who see’s me or what they think. Spring is sprouting here in MN too and we are just loving it. There is boating, golfing, swappers meet, picnics, parks, birthday pool parties…..I could go on and on.

    Oh Go On Go on….it's music to my ears. ;+)

  3. Enjoy your up & coming summer & I will enjoy my up & coming winter. I am a cool weather person, although it is still quite mild here in Tasmania at the moment.

    I don’t car sing but I do ipod sing when I am out walking, etc. I usually just sing along subconciously without realising till someone gives me a funny look

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