Cat drinking from faucet ( this is a long video but you can get the idea of it at the beginning)


Over at Joy’s there was a discussion about cats drinking water out of the faucet it reminded me I had this video. I thought I would post it in their honor, so this is for the Girls. Us Girls..Our Views. And of course for all the Cat Lovers. Raise your Hand. :+)


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  1. I’m laughing so hard Starla. Thanks so much. I’ll have to put this on our blog to show Lucy. Is that okay with you? My cat doesn’t go to this extreme so I’m really getting a kick out of it.

    Your welcom Joy ;+) Definitely share it, I thought it was cute. I noticed when I watched it that the kitty was drinking the water that ran off his or her nose. Which was only a small steam thats why I think it took so long to get his fill. Funny little kitty.

  2. I love this one Starla! 🙂 I am happy the little kitty is having fun. 🙂

    Hey Doraz cute video the cat doesn’t look too affected by the large amount of water. ;+) Funny Kitty

  3. I love that. Don’t you think it’s unusual the cat never shook it’s head to get the water off? I also loved the background music. V nice.

    We’ve had cats try to catch fish from our aquarium and also drink from the aquarium filter but never put their heads IN the

    I like the music too, it’s relaxing looks like a nice house to hang out in. It is funny that the cat never shakes his head you would think he or she would. Seems pretty relaxed about the whole thing. One of our cats years ago jumped into the bathtub it was half way full of water not too hot the cat was so shocked he just stood there.;+)

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