First Spring Flower spotted in town, Crocus Flower.



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  1. I just love these crocus’s. I have a few flowers popping up in very unusual places. I have teeny tiny little red tulips coming in under a bird feeder pole I have and I don’t remember putting it there. It’s gorgeous though. It’s as small as a dandelion.

    Cute little baby red tulips, flowers are amazing. I think crocus may be my favorite being the harbinger of Spring and then peonies I Love, and Tuberose which I never see except for in a florist shop. What are Your favorites do I remember right orange Lilly?

  2. This is a flower that should be everywhere to bring smiles to all of us. Just beautiful. 🙂

    Thanks Doraz!;+) I’m sure glad to see signs of Spring.

  3. That’s an amazing colour, fantastic photo
    The shredder video came up on my RSS reader but looks like you deleted it. It was hilarious, especially when he tried to shred the bosses picture

    Thanks! Funny I did deleted I guess I was just in one of “those” moods. LOL ;+) After I read your comment I retrieved it from my history. And will probably post it again on Monday or Tuesday. Thanks.

  4. Such vibrant colour! Lovely!

    Nice color for the first Spring flower spotted. Today I saw some daffodils at the neighbors house.

  5. This is beauTiful!!!!!! I LOVE flowers, especially bright ones like this!

    Thanks Nikki ;+) That’s the one thing I really miss in the Winter is the beautiful bright colors of Spring! I’m a big color person so too much white snow and green trees get’s to me.

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