“Shut the door on your way out”. (choosen title from S.L.e)


The other day we bought 2 new kitty beds for our cats.  I noticed  that they seem to pile into one bed  leaving the other bed empty.  This is how they were when we came home yesterday.  What would be a good caption for this picture?


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  1. “I got your back.”

    Very cute. My animals sleep together like this all the time. I like how you asked for a caption. Would you mind of I copied that idea?

  2. Cute captions! That was a nice way to wake up. ;+) Drinking my coffee.

    I don’t mind at all Joy it’s a fun thing to do pictures and captions. ;+) You would not believe how many cat pictures Ive takes over the last 10 years it’s a little embarrassing. Maybe because they are black and white don’t know glad my camera is digital and not film. I love digital cameras!

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