Vintage Matchbox Cars


We had lunch at a little local cafe down by Flathead Lake Saturday. They had a  collection of matchbox Cars on display.  I remember growing up with my brother having hot wheels and orange plastic track with an orange round loupe de loops. Do you remember matchboxes or hot wheels?


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  1. Husband has many “vintage” Matchbox cars. Trouble is, we were silly and let the children play with them so many are missing bits and are no longer pristine. Actually most weren’t pristine anyway ’cause Husband played with them when they were new.

  2. I sure do remember these cars. My brother had a huge amount of them and he used to set up towns in his room. It was kind of cool. My own two boys did the same thing. My grandsons’s like them too. I was a doll girl but one of my cousins LOVED to play with cars too.

    We have a restaurant in town that has it decorated via the 50’s and that’s pretty cool too. I always wonder though how they keep all that stuff clean because it always look “just dusted” off.

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