Taking a new theme out for a spin.


Hot off the press, a new theme called Twenty Ten. I like it Zoom Zoom……….. I like the look, just taking it out for a spin. The headers nice although I miss my custom header of the white flower with the ant. I’ll have to go snooping around for that and my blog roll; not sure where that went. ;+) Oh well. It’s Spring and it’s fun to try on a little something different.


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  1. Have fun. I hated doing it.

    Well just trying this one did you try this one out? I can’t remember you tried so many. I do really like the Misty Theme, so I guess well see. I’m trying to find my custom header right now. I forgot where I put. LOL

  2. I like this one! Not so much wasted space! But I can’t see comments on the right side…you know where it tells you who made what comment to what post.

    I’m just looking around myself Nikki it really is literally hot of the press. I don’t know that much about it. I like the white background and easy to read feature. Comments I’ll have to reseach. hmmmm

  3. It’s very nice. Did the header photo come with or did you put it there? It’s pretty. Can’t say just how many I’ve had but they ALWAYS need to have a custom header. A real must.

    There’s several headers that come with this 6 or so. I’m trying to remember how to load my own custom theme header. I may have to sit down and work on a couple of header ideas could be fun. I like the idea of maybe doing a digital altered header.

  4. Looks good, I use the Vigilance theme because, like this one, it is wider than a lot of them & gives more room for bigger photos.

    Vigilance I might have to check that one out, nice to have bigger photo options. I have been using the Misty theme I like it because it’s simple and easy to read.

  5. The comments should be in the widgets. Too bad you can’t change the header or I’d really like this one.

    I thought you might like this one Joy. Widgets, I’ll have to go look, this theme comes with about 6 other headers. I would think you would be able to personalize it. I can see what you were talking about it is time consuming thinking about changing your theme. I just saw this in today’s wordpress note and thought I’d check it out mainly out of curiosity.

  6. Starla, you can use your own header with this theme. I’m going to try this one. It says you can change the border colors too. This one wasn’t here when I was trying to change themes. It says it’s new of just this past weekend.

    Yeah, I read that about being able to change the border color that’s pretty cool. They just put it up I think this morning Joy. Being that we have the same theme “Misty” I thought we have similar tastes.;+)

  7. I really want to come for a visit. Just beautiful. I love it! Have fun in the sun Starla. 🙂

    That would be fun Doraz, it’s really not that far away from you. ;+) Funny Navar’s talking about taking a trip to Monterey California. I think he’s getting restless from all the school work.

  8. I like this header too. It’s easy to read. I just noticed you have web cams. I have to go check it out.

    Hey Joan! Nice to See your face~ I need to up date the web cams, because I have some new night city lights cams and one of the space needle which is pretty cool. I haven’t been travailing much so it’s a way to see what else is going on in the world;+)

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