Still Learning new Twenty ten theme.


This new theme is called Twenty ten. One of the features I like is that there are 8 custom headers made for the theme that are easy to switch out. The second thing that I discovered today is that you can change the color of the borders this is part of this theme. Also you can make your own custom headers. Today there was a Word press banner that said New theme. I’m still figuring out this theme. Actually the new theme is called “Structure” and I must admit I did test the demo. To be honest, because I’ve been so busy with learning about putting together this theme, it’s hard for me to give a new theme much notice. One feature I did noticed right away was that it highlighted your top post in big bold letters. My top post is Hung Lo’s Bachelor Party. Although it was a fun project taking a stuffed animal to hooter’s. I’m not sure if that’s the one post I would always like to highlight. I don’t know if you can change the post that’s being highlighted or not. I didn’t stay long enough with the demo to figure out all the things it can do. It is nice that Word Press is working so hard on new Themes. Blogging is so individual what works for one blogger isn’t necessarily right for another. What theme do you use for your blog?


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  1. You know Joy this is pretty fun being able to use your own color wheel on the theme. And being able to change the banner at a whim I must admit I’m having a pretty good time. It may be a little dizzying come to visit for awhile. LOL


    Thank You!!! Beautiful Award and such kind words. I really appreciate that. ;+) It’s good to see you peeking out of your blog house! :+)

  3. I like my Andreas09 theme so much I never switched to a new one. I haven’t found another with the nice sidebars and big middle section for posts. In order to get more flexibility in how it looks, I bought the WordPress “Edit CSS” upgrade, on account of I’m a nerd. 😉

    I wanted to let you know I’m loving reading your E book. Yesterday was a perfect day for reading a stormy Spring day . I had a hot drink and a small plate of fig newtons sitting beside me. I noticed at one point I was so into reading your book that I looked over to the plate and cup and they were empty. I thought huh where did my tea and cookies go?

  4. Love your banner! V pretty! I’m using the theme, “Contempt” which seems approrpiate for my blog somehow.

    Hey, nice to see your blue face this AM. Contempt really, that’s hysterical. Thanks about the banner I like this one too. I’d like to try my hand at a digital altered banner or a neon banner. It’s fun playing around with this theme.

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