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Opening the curtains this morning my pretty bright green grass is getting covered with white snow. NO! April showers bring May flowers not April snow. Even the weatherman seemed surprised. I suppose I could load the skis into the car tomorrow and go skiing one last time before putting them away in storage. Looking out the window, the snow flakes are getting bigger, the warm temperatures probably mean wet heavy snow. I’m glad that I enjoyed that one week of perfect sunny Spring weather it left me wanting for more. Thinking about how to find balance these days is like being a plate spinner. How do you look for or find Balance in your life in regards to technology, or balance in general? Do you occasionally unplug completely? I don’t remember the last time I was completely unplugged. Do you occasionally take full days off from electronic technology? I’m amazed really to be even asking this question as I am remembering not so long ago the pong and pinball days. Wow have things changed. I wonder what the next generational big change will be?


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  1. I’d hate to get snow now. I love it when it’s supposed to be here but it’s spring. Oh the mud!!!! HORROR!!!!

    I never unplug. I feel like why would I? I enjoy what I do and if I don’t, I go do something else. I never got the whole unplug deal. I could do it so I don’t feel the need to say I did it. Do you know what I mean? I feel a lot of people unplug for a week just to brag that they did. I say “so what!!”

    That’s funny! It could be over rated. Yeah, honestly the last thing I really want to do right now is to be unplugged. I’m really enjoying it. I suppose a camping trip would be considered un plugged unless you take a camper with all the plug ins. It’s interesting our electricity goes out pretty frequently here and I feel lost when it’s out for hours looking at all my toys longingly. It’s amazing how dependent a person can be just on electricity.

  2. A full day off from technology??? ARE YOU NUTS???

    LOL Well then, it’s settled I’m not going unplugged. Not bloody likely! Shaking my head and coming to my senses.

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