Baseball Season.


Do you watch Baseball who’s your favorite team?  When you were a kid did you ever go sliding on a slip and slide, or maybe as an adult?


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  1. My kids always played basketball. I never really got into baseball with them. I played on a softball them when I was working for a company that MADE me! lol 🙂 One of our clients is affiliated with the Dodgers, so we are Dodger fans…of course! lol 🙂 Who do you like? I love the way these guys move! 🙂 I also love those slip and slides.:)

    Honestly, I haven’t watched much baseball, but I am open minded, maybe this Season. I like learning a little about each sport. Gary and Paula sent me a Cubs ball when we were doing the buddies exchange. I have the ball sitting in my kitchen on a shelf so maybe I’m a cubs Fan. Now all I have to do is watch a game.

  2. I never watch baseball anymore. For reasons I can’t explain, my favorite team is the Oakland A’s.

    Hey, Oakland A’s my dad actually took me to a live Oakland A’s Game it was pretty fun. Funny I forgot all about that A’s game.

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