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Super cute video at TripinwithRip Blog. A very unique, creative, and fun blog. If you are in for some smiles hop on over to my friends Lynn an Rip’s. Check out this cute video “Breakfast at Ginger’s” at their blog. Another little hop if you’re in the mood is to S.L.e’s blog her blog very creative and unusual. Once you’ve arrived, scroll down a little bit and move your mouse over the mail slot, once probably won’t be enough. You can also catch a little Monte Python as well. She is on vacation with her husband celebrating their anniversary so maybe let her know you stopped by, leave a little note on your way out. So when she comes home she will have some extra sweet faces staring back at her. It’s a small silly surprise but isn’t that what we are looking for small silly surprises. Let me know if you have any blog hopping ideas for next Wednesday.


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  1. ♥♥ hey starla, thanks for the link and the cool words! ♥♥

    My pleasure Lynn, hope you get some new visitors today.;+)

  2. Lynn has a blog that is always full of many amazing happenings. 🙂 I recommend all friends on my blogroll for ya. 🙂 Have fun in the snow Starla.

  3. Sadly the mail slot has mysteriously disappeared! I’m trying to get it back or find another. Thanks for the kind words and the advert

    Oh no!! No mail slot? I probably broke it, playing around with it. Shoot. Hey, aren’t you suppose to be on your Anniversary Vacation? Your not at home sitting under the sunlamp are you? Glad to pass on blog hopping your way.

    Hey S.Le I just popped over or should say hopped over and the mail box was there. I guess I didn’t break it or you retrieved from the net.

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