Still snowing


I guess at this point all I can do is laugh, sitting at my desk drinking coffee and watching it snow. Another weather alert for today, yesterday we had high winds up to 55 mph. Last night, I was at the College with Navar I was actually taking a one day class imagine that. Yep, sentence structure . The teacher said there are two types of people. People who write run on sentence’s and people who write fragmented sentences. I enjoy the first one, the class was pretty good. Next Monday is comma’s, she said a lot of people spread commas around like a pepper grind. I like to think of it as feeding the chickens, let the commas land where they may. Anyway, look there’s one now! LOL oh well at least I can amuse myself with later in life learning. I guess it’s never too late is it? On the way back from the class Navar and I were walking together in amazingly high winds pushing at us. I felt like I was in a movie scene, walking and pressing into the wind. I’ll let you know if I make it to the commas class or maybe you’ll just know. I did find the proofreading button the other day. How long has that been there?


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  1. English. Yuck! I just write and press those buttons that fix it all. 🙂 My kids taught me! lol 🙂 Be careful with that weather you are having. I do believe I would rather be in the sunshine out here in CA. Come on over! lol 🙂 Stay warm…

    Sunny California does sound good about now. ;+) I can’t believe I’m looking at green trees covered with snow, it’s a bit like Christmas. Before I started blogging I wrote basically with out punctuation. If I weren’t so chatty I wouldn’t think much about it. I am grateful for spell check and now the proofreading button.

  2. I do a lot of my writing on Word and it also fixes my grammar mistakes. I know it seems like cheating but oh well. I’m at the point that this kind of cheating doesn’t hurt anyone. LOL!!

    Yuck for the snow. I can’t even imagine that at this point. Please keep it to yourself.

    Word! that’s brilliant, that’s not cheating! LOL Why didn’t I think of that! Little by slow, I learn something new every day. Thanks Joy

  3. Sorry about the terrible weather. I write a lot on my blog and I worry about the quality of English. It is so funny we may think it’s perfect English, (comma) but it can be better.


    Hi Corve, ;+) I think it’s something that has really bugged me in the writing of my own blog. It’s easy for me to be lost in the moment, that I don’t pay much attention to the details. I realized this is something I can work on and be more mindful of in the future.

  4. Snowing? I love snow but not in May. Proof reading button ? I’m always the last to find out about these things.

    Hey Joan! I thought I was the last to know, maybe it’s a new thing. When your typing on a post, the rough draft look right above the post a little bit to the right of the buttons you will see one that say’s proofread. It will underline in green, I found it to already to be helpful. Strange that it’s still snowing usually Mothers day here is a good time to start planting flowers, I hope that’s still the case.

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