Road Trip


If you were going to go on a short road trip, where would you go? When I thought about this question, I easily came up with 3 places the beaches of California the Oregon coast and Canada. I have never been to Oregon or Canada . It’s silly, because living in northern Montana going to Canada is really not that far. So what’s on your Road Trip wish List? The Flathead Valley has several small towns. I was thinking about take a couple of picture of each small town so you could have more of a Window into the area, would you be interested in seeing what the towns look like?


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  1. I love to make the drive up our north shore which runs along Lake Superior. I love the color of the water and all the small towns and cute little shops.

    Sounds Beautiful and fun!

  2. I am dying for The Grand Canyon. Three times I’ve tried to go and haven’t made it there. I used to live 3 hours away, what a dummy I am for not going.

    You should go to Canada, it is lovely! I grew up near Windsor, Ontario, and went all the time. Toronto is lovely, especially in the summer. Go for it!

    Well, I’ll have to put it on my wish List. Right now it’s hard to leave because 2 out of 3 of my animals have medical issues. I suppose finding the right person to take care of them while I was on the Road. Must be Spring, I’m feeling restless. By the way I use to Live by the Grand Canyon too and I never went. LOL I guess I was always thinking another day I’ll go and then moved. Canada does sound wonderful.

  3. Road trips are the best. We went back to the East Coast and hit about 11 states. We had a blast. 🙂 We plan on getting another RV soon and traveling the USA! I can not wait to see everything! 🙂

    WOW 11 States that must have been huge fun! RV sound nice because then you have the conveniences of home. Also nice when you can do your own cooking if you feel like it.

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