Kindness from Doraz


Doraz is passing around the Kindness card. It’s Free, so help yourself to the card and pass it on. The world today, sure could use any kind of kindness people can offer. It’s a nice reminder, even the simplest things like a smile to a stranger in passing. Actually looking back at times in my life those types of moments, have meant a lot to me. You never know really a persons story or how their day may be going or how they are holding up or not holding up. It’s a good reminder Thanks Doraz. Doraz place is fun and an uplifting blog, always a smile, a joke, and sometimes a poetry corner.


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  1. Starla…. thank you for spreading the kindness. I do believe that a precious moment of your time used to help make another smile…is well worth it! 🙂 Have a day of sunshine…. lol 🙂 Still snowing?

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