It must be Friday, I just can’t help myself.


For some of you this is a big What? But for those of you who are a little older what happened to our hope for the future to be completely Bionic? Unfortunately, as a youth I watched quiet a bit of TV, For some reason, I must be feeling a little nostalgic today. Not sure why. What were some of your favorite shows as a kid? Brady bunch, partridge family, How about The wild kingdom of Omaha? After school special, Courtship of Eddy’s father I did really like that one, and That Girl. I’ll stop, I told you I watched a lot of TV as a kid.


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  1. I liked a lot of TV shows too. There were only a couple of shows on each night and we didn’t watch it just to watch it back then. What I mean is our TV wasn’t just always on like a lot of peoples are on now. I liked, Brady Bunch. I know it was hokey but I did like it. Love American Style. Marcus Welby. Family. Owen Marshall, Counselor of Law.

    I also loved a lot of the 80’s soaps like Dallas, Dynasty, Falcon Crest, Knots Landing. Those were good but I wasn’t a kid then.

    Very good question Starla.

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