Economy Update


It’s been quiet awhile since I’ve talked about the Happy Crappy economy. I was just wondering what’s going on in your neck of the woods? How are your local businesses fairing? What kind of changes do see going on because of the economy? The bad economy was slow to hit here and I think some thought we would be immune to the financial misfortune. Not the case, a few home foreclosures, lately it has been commercial real estate troubles. Leaving many businesses missing like missing teeth. It really is shocking when you drive to town, you can’t help but say “That’s where the Blockbuster used to be and that’s where Borders books was and on and on. Some of the smaller business have been holding on by sheer will and determination. On the upside I have been observing some positive talk of changes. I have found myself in the midst of a few conversations lately ping ponging ideas back and forth seeing the opportunities of exciting new possibilities. Many people being forced to change and to do something different. Just wondering whats the feeling in your area? I know what the Mainstream media says but what do you say?


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  1. The economy is still really tough on my husbands family plywood business. They have barely hung on and have half the employee’s they had 2 years ago. But, they have hung on and hopefully we will be able to talk of this hard time 10 years from now. I also hate that all the mom and pop business’s have closed up. We live in a small farming community and a lot of our really cute old towns have died and it really makes me sad that Walmart has taken over everything. People just used to drive to town for things and now they go to bigger towns for everything. Small towns can’t compete and everyone is hurting and needs to go where there’s a better deal. It’s a vicious circle.

  2. I would say things are muddling along here. Lots of empty storefronts in the smaller shopping centers and even some of the bigger ones, but I’ve been seeing new businesses opening too and things have picked up a bit at the place where I work (we do contract computer stuff).

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