A perfect day for Tea!


I met a new friend when I went to the Glacier Park 100 year Centennial. We met and visited on the nature walk, we found out that we had lots in common. We both agreed it would be fun to have lunch and tea at a very cute Tea House in Bigfork Montana called Chris Tea Cottage. The place is so cute and so much fun. A great place to have a special lunch and Tea. While we were there we saw a couple of mom’s taking their little perfectly dressed little girls for a lunch and tea. So cute! I’ve been there a couple of times and always appreciate the owner’s attention to detail. Like the home-made chocolate cookie resting on my plate next to the keish that I had ordered for my lunch. The tea came with its own knitted tea cozy. I will post pictures so you can see just how cute and fun this place is. I would go back in a heartbeat, it’s a nice place to take people who are visiting it’s one of those extra special treasures.


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  1. How cool. It’s so nice you got to meet a new friend. One can never have too many pals. It’s so nice you could get together at such a cute place. I’d love to go there.

    Isn’t it cute Joy. I wish I could take my Blogging friends here too. It’s definitely the kind of place that it’s just set up for a Fun time. I’ve actually been there twice before and was surprised, we took family members who were big tough guys and they enjoyed it as much as we did. Getting a kick out of all the tea paraphernalia.

  2. You have found a great friend and a great escape. 🙂 I have to remember this for when I finally get to visit you! 🙂 Have fun today Starla.

    Sounds fun! I can just see us having fun! Tea and lunch and telling stories! ;+)

  3. Hi Starla, thanks for visiting my blog.
    Re. rock collecting, my husband has a customer that has unearthed Mount Everest in his yard and has surrounded his entire home with the biggest rocks I have ever seen. Not pretty, but a collection of rocks.

    I love tea, eating and making new acquaintances . Yours sounds like a fun afternoon 🙂

    Hi! Thanks for stopping by too. ;+) I was just having a conversation with someone about collecting rocks. Talking about how many people in general like to collect rocks.;+)

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